Jamia Yaseen Arabic College


  • According to Prophet Muhammad (Sal), Ulamas are successors who carry the legacy of the prophets
  • In each Prophets period, Ulamas are considered to be the intellectual people. Apart from talent, they were considered to have clean heart.
  • Which means, Ulamas, who are considered to be intellectual successors of prophets, has to display the prowess in their attitude, knowledge and lead by example.
  • Apart from Islamic knowledge, Ulamas has to be well versed in formal education too.
  • For clean heart and attitude, Islamic scholars should indulge in spiritual learning (tawheed)
This Islamic educational institution was started with the above objectives and to bring Prophet Muhammad (Sal) teachings of peace, brotherhood, humanity and religious harmony propagated through our Ulamas

The roadmap of this institution, Insha allah, is to develop it as full-fledged Islamic University. With almighty’s grace we are progressing strongly in this direction. Technical education is already in place and we recently opened computer training institute inside the campus.