Jamia Yaseen Arabic College



The library comprises of thousands of books that caters to both arabic and modern education. The library is setup in a 500 sq ft quiet room, easily accessible to all students.

Computer Lab

The college provides compulsory training to all students on basic computer skills. The computer lab has well maintained PCs, printers with full-time computer faculty. The courses offered are: MS Office, Photoshop and Web development technologies like HTML.

Printing Press

The college is truly committed in providing the students hands-on technical training, that would help them to face the real world with more confidence. In this regard, we have setup a printing press inside the college campus. We have deployed RYOBI 640K offset printing machine. The senior students are provided with hands-on training by professional printing operators.

Physical Education

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised his followers, to work, to be energetic, and to start their day early, all of which are conditions for a healthy body. The college provides compulsory physical education to all students. Located inside 20+ acres land, the college has enormous space for children to actively engage in various sports. The college also organizes routine health checkup for the students.

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